Welcome to my brand new "contribution" (ha-ha) to the blog-world. Here I intend to write just about everything related to Web development mostly (but not only) what's of interest for me. I hope that you could find an useful information you were searching for or just read an article of interesting topic (and, hopefully, participate to a discussion by commenting).

I'm going to publish some code snippets (a function here, a class there) that I happen to write from time to time - either needed by a friend or by myself.

Commenting here is most welcomed. Enjoy reading this blog.

Articles in Bulgarian / Articles in English



I've made some modifications to the blog's structure, to ensemble dual-language behaviour. At the beginning I intended to write this blog entirely in english (primarily to practice my language skills), but as I seem to receive traffic mainly from my own country I decided to write the posts in bulgarian too. That's why this blog behaves somewhat strangely (for example, 'Articles in English' isn't really a page - it loads list of all posts that have the '(en)' tag. Actually the home page leads to 'Articles in English' by default).

Maybe I really should write my own blog system, if I find the time for this...

Miroslav Genev